Wednesday 25 July 2018

I have actually also painted other things...

... just not 'models'.

Back before Warpstorm I was lucky enough to purchase a set of terrain from Wargames Tournaments, that included free worldwide shipping.

Unfortunately it arrived after the tournament so I set about undercoating and assembling.

This was my first MDF terrain and I really did not appreciate the time and effort it would take (optimism bias off the chart). However perseverance, some advice from Peter Dunn on sprays, and I got there in the end. I did do a spot of weathering as well.

With this product I have found that despite a desire to break it down and reassemble it every time, the practicalities of this are unrealistic (also some parts don't lock/wedge together tightly enough so require constant adjusting). So next purchase is some glue that works on painted surfaces and two 60L containers to store it.

This is a 6'x3' setup

One of the things this set was lacking was some LoS blocking terrain - enter Jake Easton who whipped me up some 6"x3" containers. Time to call that done.

Will be a good table to play over for Kill Team (or Necromunda) too.

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  1. Surely you mean 'a good table to play over for Necromunda (or Kill Team)'?