Saturday 16 September 2017

2017 painted model commitment #8

Finally finished my Vigilator squad... it seems that time has slowed down for painting these models, the first two squads took about 3 nights (each) to paint, the next two squads took about three weeks each! 

"I wish I had a pistol so I could shoot that heretic poking his tongue out at me over there!"

Meet my little friend

Team shot of the Vigilators

Terrible photo of the army to date... need to sort my skillz with the camera phone sorry

Also - for those of you interested in playing at Warpstorm there are only 5 places left so register quickly!

How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 37
Models painted: 54 (YAY!! Achievement unlocked!)
Vehicles painted: 2

Tuesday 5 September 2017

2017 painted model commitment #7

Again I have not been idle...

You may remember at end of the last update on my painting commitment there was a large pile of gold models in a box. Well, I have an update - good and bad.

Good: that I have painted nearly 4 squads of models (20) and a Rhino;
Bad: that I have had some problems with the gold spray and so this process has taken a lot longer than I had initially planned.

However I am nearly halfway and so can't grumble too much. At least stuff is getting done!

I'm going to hit you with my sword

Witchseeker Squad for the FLAME

Rhino of mobile cover

I haven't got photos of the second Custodes Squad as I need to do their bases before they are 'finished', and the Sisters of Silence Vigilator Squad still needs finishing off (maybe this week... I've been in a bit of a painting fug brought on by the perceived lack of progress... but I have done their bases already!). 

Outside of those minor speedbumps, all I have left to actually finish this army (unless they release new Talons of the Emperor units) is:
1x Custodes Tribune
1x Custodes Contemptor Dreadnought
1x Custodes Land Raider
10x Custodes with a mix of weaponry (including a Vexilla)
10x Sisters of Silence Prosecutors

Not much at all <cough>

How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 36
Models painted: 44
Vehicles painted: 2

Warpstorm X - Update #1

With just under two months to go, we have 21 registrations so far - only 11 to go until we hit maximum hall capacity so get in while you can!

I also have a rules clarification/update for the Players Pack regarding scoring Tactical Objective Cards - pg 226 in the BRB.

In 8th Edition Tactical Objective Cards are scored at the end of every "player turn" rather than "Battle Round". For example, you can score some cards at the end of both your turn and your opponent's turn. Some even require it, such as the "Defend Objective X" cards.

The clarification applies to Step 7 of Deployment in the Players Pack - should now read:
"Once you start, you may only score two Tactical Objective Cards per player turn."