Friday 25 February 2022

Finished Primaris Intercessors

Apart from the static grass I have finished half of my Deathwatch Fortis Kill Team.
All respect to the First Founding

I've got 4x Outriders and an Assault Intercessor to make this a full 10-man squad.

I am also attempting to take "better" photos by using my little cheap lightbox. I think I've got a larger one somewhere 😬

This weekend will see a flurry of basing and finishing a few models - shoulder pads and the like - and some undercoating to start afresh next week.

Sunday 20 February 2022

"New" paint scheme for the Deathwatch

It's very difficult to claim a "new" paint scheme for the Deathwatch when you are just trying to recreate the old one enough that they look like a coherent force.

So, the Mortifactor model on the right is the original <very time consuming> scheme, whilst the Black Templar on the left is the newer faster scheme i.e. more contrast paint and more drybrushing armour highlights.

I think it's turned out ok.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

No new painting but have built some things

Not a lot of painting since I finished my Orlocks (yet), but I have assembled a couple of models in my plan to get a Deathwatch army together:

Everyone needs a Chief Apothecary. Yes I know the Primaris one is better points wise but I've had this arm and backpack for like .. ever ... since the Command Squad set was released in plastic at the turn of the century or something.

Here we see a Kill Team being dispatched to defend against the alien Pakora and their elite Onionbhaji shock troops. Note: this photo actually illustrates my dinner and that I have built the Corvus Blackstar.

Mean Machine the Heavy Intercessor Sergeant

I wanted to have the option to take/not take a Heavy Bolter without having to proxy anything. I had a couple of sets of Aggressors lying around (as you do) so stole one of the sergeant models and blinged him up a bit. Not the most heroic of poses unlike the Heavy Intercessors themselves but hey. 

He has a squad of 5 attached to him (not pictured)

A random Deathwatch sergeant or just a non-sergeant dude?
I made this White Scars with leftover parts from a previous conversion of the Kill Team: Cassius biker. Another idea out of my head (still requires a bit of Greenstuff).

Monday 7 February 2022

Here I go again...

Well a lot has happened in the last 12 months. We've moved cities (well, moved from a city to village/town near another city) and islands... and since December have been residing in our new house with a large hobby space (i.e. insulated and carpeted garage).

Since moving, my hobby output has gone, let's say, on a bit of an upward trajectory. Since May last year I have painted:

2000pts of Space Wolves (March of the Ancients list) - came 4th at No Surrender 2021 in Chch which was a surprise (to me, as well as Pete - given that I had done so poorly at FoB with the same list).
About 2500pts of AdMech - yet to be tested in the crucibles of battle but that will happen at some point. After I had built and painted them I found another 10 Skitarii so haven't quite painted "everything" I own of them but pretty damn close! (closer than any other army I have ever owned anyway)

And lastly I am off to a decent start in 2022 - having just finished painting my starting Orlock gang (for when either I get invited to or start a campaign myself). 

I've also built a number of models ... 
Thunder Warrior (with another 1-2 in the brain pan)

Imperial Judge

My second Primaris Chaplain onna bike... obviously I have something against the official model

... plus a bunch of Deathwatch models.

So... my goals for this year are a mix of aspirational and achievable... I think.

I have in my inventory of things to paint:
  • Deathwatch
  • Some bits and pieces for my Custodes
  • Some bits and pieces for my Genestealer Cult
  • Another Space Wolf army (probably got 2-3 2k armies in bits)
  • Grey Knights
  • Militarum Tempestus
  • Imperial Knights plus attendant rabble (Astra Militarum)
  • Some bits and pieces for my Breslau Sturmjaegers Astra Militarum (here's looking at the Baneblade that has been sitting basecoated since they were released in what... 2009?)
  • Many many MANY ideas for my Inquisition
  • Slowly replacing my metal Adepta Sororitas with the new plastics
  • Death Guard + Daemons (my secret army shhh)
  • More Necromunda gangs
  • A 6'x4'Necromunda table
So I'm aiming to achieve at least two of these things... as well as play in a tournament or two. 

And I have at least 5 other people in my immediate village who play so should be able to get more games in too.

Here's to 2022