Tuesday 15 February 2022

No new painting but have built some things

Not a lot of painting since I finished my Orlocks (yet), but I have assembled a couple of models in my plan to get a Deathwatch army together:

Everyone needs a Chief Apothecary. Yes I know the Primaris one is better points wise but I've had this arm and backpack for like .. ever ... since the Command Squad set was released in plastic at the turn of the century or something.

Here we see a Kill Team being dispatched to defend against the alien Pakora and their elite Onionbhaji shock troops. Note: this photo actually illustrates my dinner and that I have built the Corvus Blackstar.

Mean Machine the Heavy Intercessor Sergeant

I wanted to have the option to take/not take a Heavy Bolter without having to proxy anything. I had a couple of sets of Aggressors lying around (as you do) so stole one of the sergeant models and blinged him up a bit. Not the most heroic of poses unlike the Heavy Intercessors themselves but hey. 

He has a squad of 5 attached to him (not pictured)

A random Deathwatch sergeant or just a non-sergeant dude?
I made this White Scars with leftover parts from a previous conversion of the Kill Team: Cassius biker. Another idea out of my head (still requires a bit of Greenstuff).

I'm just waiting for a few bits and pieces to arrive, and I'll probably start painting some models this weekend (I need to test some new speed painting recipes).

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