Saturday 16 June 2018

Time to let my Word Bearers go

I built this army back in 2008/2009 specifically to take to Liber Animus in Melbourne. 
Army Diary on Wargamerau

I was pretty happy to receive the Best Army award there, given the luminaries of the Australasian wargaming scene of the time that were in attendance.


And the stuff I built but never got around to painting...

It's all going up for sale on the local NZ Facebook trading sites for a week or so... if no bites then off to eBay!


  1. Its a pity the apostle and warp talons didnt get any paint on them, they look like awesome conversions. Lets hope the new owner can bring them up to the same standard.

    1. Ok so I have dwelt on this comment thank you... And painted the Apostle. Post to follow!