Saturday 4 February 2017

2017 painted model commitment #3

Well well well... who'd have thought a commitment to paint one (one!!) model a week would be so... productive? So far anyway!

Firstly I had to paint a unit of Dominions for my monthly game vs Peter (more on that later), I managed to get 5/7 painted in time.

Led by VSS Helena, who is holding one of the many copies of the famous works of St Lucius

I still have a bolter Dominion and one holding a Simulacrum Imperialis to paint (this week's job), plus their Immolator.

And since I had a couple of evenings up my sleeve, I thought I'd paint an alternate Canoness to take, armed with an Eviscerator. I've found that with the restriction on Relics (i.e. one per model) you can no longer build something that looks like the old Witch Hunters codex, so my old Blessed Weapon+Inferno Pistol model is taking a 'rest'. 

So here is Dominicae Palatine, Evelyn Louise, Penitent Champion of the Order of the Violaceous Heart

Should have put a large skull on the back of the cloak... ..

Next on the list (aside from finishing the first Dominion Squad above) is the Geminae Superia to go with my (to be rebased) St Celestine.

How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 5
Models painted: 11
Vehicles painted: 1

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  1. Great work Hagen, looks like that commitment is working out for you.