Tuesday 3 January 2017

Happy New Year (and some vague promises for 2017)

Happy New Year every(any)one! 

The New Year is often a time for reflections on what you did (or in many cases, didn't) achieve in the previous year, so I'm going to start this year with a few commitments to 2017.

#1 Paint at least one model a week, starting with my Adepta Sororitas
Ahh... a Command Squad. The least likely unit to ever see a competitive army list (IMO)

More detail

Well underway! All that I need to do is figure out squad markings and then some static grass and varnish!

And I've put some paint on the first of four Immolators...

#2 Assemble, undercoat, and zenithal highlight 2000pts of Space Wolves - at a minimum

The intention here is to have an army I can have some fun games with that isn't just grey plastic... it'll be plastic undercoated grey (there is a difference!)

#3 Play Blood Bowl more (in person/Board game or PS4)

I have played two games vs the AI on my PS4 so already achieving this

#4 Try not to get stressed out/depressed about GW's release schedule and my inability to keep up

So many cool things coming out but how long is this sort of release schedule sustainable - not for GW, but for the community? In the old days you had 1-2 army releases a year which allowed time to collect, model, and paint a reasonable sized force. It just seems that the current marketing schtick is to force you to buy lots, paint little, and then have a liquorice allsorts army... 

I've also got Deathwatch and Genestealer Cults to keep me busy when things get boring...

#5 Play 1+ games of 40k

#6 Run 1+ tournaments, Joy willing...


  1. You say liquorice allsorts like it's a bad thing?

    Sounds like a good plan overall.

    1. Where's olde man Pete when you need him

  2. 4. I wouldn't worry about trying to keep up. With all the cool stuff they have released recently they have to follow it up with long period of Marine drudgery :) . Seriously, never forget the number one hobby rule. It's about having fun.