Sunday 7 August 2016

Return of the Eldar Clown Party

In 2007 I built and painted (and used) the only Xenos army I have really had. By 'had', I mean not bought via eBay/people and actually used in tournaments.

It was based around several troupes of Harlequins, led by Eldrad (at higher points I added in an Autarch as well), supported by Shining Spears (Harlequins on jetbikes) and War Walkers with scatter lasers (yes scatter lasers, not starcannons, after all it wasn't 2nd/3rd ed). I had to take 2x troops so that ended up being Pathfinders... well, because. Just because.

I ran an army 'blog' on WargamerAU. ... .  suffice to say I can tell you, I was not very good at using this particular army. I think now (nearly 10 years later) I'd possibly be a bit more ruthless but back then I was still a Space Wolf at heart so charge etc. <except T3 5++ save = die more>. Mind you I did win a Best Sport at a GT and also Best Army with them so it wasn't all bad. And they did Bad BAD things to a certain Deathwing army... <sigh>

Here are some photos I dragged out of my hard drive
Great Harlequin Tre'sidda 

Very Metal Eldrad conversion

Troupe A

Troupe B

Shining Spears... so good... yet so crap

One of my favourite conversions ever

Very fluffy Pathfinders

Anyway... I did laugh when the new Harlequin codex came out, but not as much as when I saw Death Masque. Eldrad leading a Harlequin troupe... 

I just want to say "You saw it here first/I TOLD YOU SO" :)


  1. Seriously you should credit your source....The original name was "Eldrad's Alaiatoc Clown Party"

    1. Ha ha yes it was, well done Peter. I seem to remember lots of scorn, not just for actually building the army that you lot had dreamed up but also for taking ineffective units like Dire Avengers with no Wave Serpent... ahhhh the memories.

  2. Do you still have this army?