Friday 20 November 2015

The Order of the Violaceous Heart... Sisters of Battle

And here are probably my favourite army, certainly under 4th and 5th. 

But now, there's few things that make me sad. For example, you can't currently take eviscerators on Veteran Sister Superiors, which (to me) forces you into a certain style of less aggressive play if you don't want to take allies.

Beware the Holy Trinity, heretic!

HQ choices

Close up of Celestine and my counts-as Uriah Jacobus

Canoness Teresa du Cartho (who has taken the head of a Daemon Prince in close combat)

Command Squad
Old school conversion for new Rhino
The Revered Photocopier of St Lucius (old joke... )


Large Sororitas squad

Another Sororitas Squad on foot
Sororitas Squad in Rhino (I MISS EVISCERATORS)
Another Sororitas Squad in a Rhino
6 Seraphim

Retributors of rending death... or at least, in the old days with the 'better' Faith Point system...

Repentias of jolly angryness ... and just after I finished this squad of 13 they changed the unit size to 5-10 not 5-20 grrr

Ahh... my Exorcists. Named as Divine Guidance and Divine Deliverance... and their unmade friend... inna box
Dominion Squad #1 (3 Flamers, combi-melta)

Dominion Squad #2 (4 meltas, combi-flamer)

Dominion Squad #3  (4 meltas, plasma pistol)

Unpainted stuff just holding on to just in case they release a new codex etc. etc.

More of the same pack rat mentality

One of the things that bugs me about the current e-Dex is that you can't take multiple relics on a single model like other Codexes. Surely this is an oversight?

There's a bit here I am now going to divest myself of, e.g. unpainted Repentia. The painting list is:

  • 4x Immolators
  • 3x Dominion squads
  • 6x Heavy Weapons for alternate Retributor fitouts (multi-melta, heavy flamer)
  • Some extra models for another Troops unit
  • Command Squad
  • Another Canoness with Eviscerator and Bolt Pistol

So 'not a lot' (ha!). My challenge is that as noted above, this was my favourite army so giving up any of the models feels... wrong.

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