Monday 9 November 2015

40k at ValleyCon - Errata #1

Gosh, only a few days and there is a question that needs clarifying.

The following section should now read:

Armies may only be constructed utilising any of the following options:
  • 0-1 Combined Arms Detachment
  • 0-1 Allied Detachment
  • Any number of unique Codex Detachments*
  • Any number of unique Formations presented in a Dataslate*
  • 0-1 Fortification (total, not per detachment (including optional upgrades) which are listed in the GW publication Stronghold Assault, using the rules for Buildings in the main Rulebook pg 110 - 113 (including your opponent being able to take control of them...) Please note that, as per the Rules, the Fortification must be able to be deployed wholly in your deployment zone AND, as the terrain is fixed, there's no moving terrain to accommodate your building.)
  • 0-1 Lord of War or Gargantuan Creature (and only if listed in the army’s parent Codex, e.g. Logan Grimnar, Ork Stompa, Stormsurge etc.).**

* Each specific Codex Detachment and Dataslate Formation is considered unique (0-1) and may not be duplicated.
** The exception to the Lords of War restriction is Codex: Imperial Knights, using the above restrictions regarding Detachments/Formations. Any army (other than an Imperial Knights force) may take an Oathsworn Imperial Knight detachment made up of a single Imperial Knight (for clarity: you can only take 1 Knight in your Oathsworn detachment, not 2 or 3. If you want to take 2 or 3 then perhaps you should take Imperial Knights as your Primary Detachment... and then some Formations). 

Yes this means you could potentially take two Lords of War equivalents e.g. a Wraithknight and an Imperial Knight and that's probably ok (I assume there will be some fluffy justification for it or alternatively 'it's really effective'). 

Just be thoughtful if you are taking either Allies of Convenience, Desperate Allies, or Come the Apocalypse Allies that you need to be pretty good at remembering the restrictions that are applicable, particularly the One Eye Open rules (see main Rulebook pg 127). You have been warned advised :-)


  1. Your join button is malfunctioning.

  2. Woooo Knights...!!

    Time for some more allsorts.

  3. Hi there. I'm a bit of a noob. Can you tell me how the tyranid tyrannocyte instinctive fire rule will be played?

    1. Hi Aidan, sorry I don't understand the confusion - the rules look pretty self-explanatory to me?

      Can you give me a little more context?

    2. Hi, I have seen most people play RAW - monsterous creature = no arc of fire. Others play each gun fires at the nearest target with 45 deg arc (sighting some white dwarf battle report i think).
      I've always played it RAW, but worth checking.

    3. Hi, Sorry I thought I had replied already.
      I think RAW is that because they are monstrous creatures they don't have an arch of fire so all guns generally fire at the same target.
      Some people play that they have an arch of 45 deg on each gun (like a vehicle).
      Just checking in.

    4. Hi Aidan

      Unless there is a FAQ to the contrary, it's RAW (fire all their guns at any target within LoS - no arcs required)