Tuesday 17 November 2015

A fistful of Inquisitors.... checks

Following on from my purge of the Astra Militarum, my eyes fell upon the fine forces of the Inquisition.

A bunch of likely types - at the very left is the Ordo Xenos WIP
A couple of Rogue Trader classics... but personally I think the work Andy Hoare did here is awesome and I will copy it at some point...
Awaiting paint... probably another suitable candidate for Xenos or Hereticus

I have enough models for another 3 squads of 5... I think. Just need another Taurox so I can use the Formation

These guys go with Coteaz for that whole "I've been expecting you" shemozzle

My Ordo Xenos retinue

Some of the Ordo Hereticus retinue(s)

Some more of the Hereticus retinue

Ordo Malleus retinue

Lots of Eschers to be used as one sees fit (allied Astra Militarum veterans??)

Redemptionists... holding out for some new rules... and a new paintjob of course

More bits and bobs

Assassins and some Flagellants dressed up as Redeptionists (they probably need to go)

A scratchbuilt Arvus Lighter that still need to paint for some campaign gaming. It's only been 14+ years

That is a Valkyrie and box of more Flagellants and bitz

Moar bitz

Ah, my Grey Knights

Dreadnought I picked up cheap but needs a repaint

All my metal GK terminators in various stages of painting

All my GK in power armour that I need to make a decision on whether to keep them or sell and reinvest in the new plastics (same conundrum I have with the metal Terminators)

My vision of the future of my GK... I should finish painting them really

So I have another small pile of models to be rid of... and some more decisions to be made about what to keep. My goal was to be able to field one of each type of Inquisitor and 3 retinues so I've probably got more than needed to complete this...

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