Wednesday 4 November 2015

Damocles campaign weekend

Over the long weekend I had the good fortune and time (due to a supportive sister-in-law) to participate in a Damocles campaign.

It was three a side, Space Marines (Iron Hands, Blood Angels, and Imperial Fists) vs the Tau and their enlightened ex-Astra Militarum allies.

I assumed the role of the human military Governor, with his allied Tau commander and some Kroot auxiliaries.

Before I arrived there was a BFG game that allowed bonuses to be gained for the actual 40k games. It appeared that the Tau got the best of the exchange, stopping the Imperial bulk troop carriers from making it planetside.

Game 1 was Planetstrike at 1750pts, vs Chris with his Blood Angels

Lots of space for things to drop into the open

Ready and waiting

Lucky for me the Blood Angels turned up a bit erratically and I managed to KEEP THEM THE HELL AWAY FROM MY LINES. Dante was a bit of a boss, I took a couple of wounds off him shooting but then he got stuck into the unfortunate Tau Crisis suit commander... 'nuff said.

The next day we had a couple of Kill Team games (no photos sorry) to try and get more bonuses for the large multiplayer game. My first game I was the attacker and managed to beat Leon's Iron Hands, then got smashed in 2 turns by Glen's Imperial Fists. Stupid failed bottle tests :)

Finally we settled down for the 6000pt a side game...

The final battlefield

Glen says "we've got this"

The famed Tau tactic "omggetawayfromthatflank-yon"

Marines and Sternguard... just before the basilisk shell hit

Twin-linked doom (oh and some terminators)

With nowhere to go the Vendetta has to fly into the teeth of the Space Marine guns

Sacrificial Grenadier squad

Vendetta failing EVERY SINGLE JINK roll

Brave Veteran squad holding up a squad of marines for 5 close combat phases until luck ran the hell out

Governor K'err screaming "Imperialis Eunt Domus!"

Failing all his jink rolls

Tau desperately trying to secure his body

The end of the game... phew
Thoroughly enjoyable weekend all round - and a well ground out draw (a bit like Damocles itself). 

Thanks to Wil for hosting and all my erstwhile allies and opponents!

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