Sunday 16 October 2022

Aaand... back to the Deathwatch

And with that hobby scratch itched (or more realistically, taking a break) I am back into the Deathwatch.

Here we have the last of my combi-melta guys (a Space Wolf from Krom Dragongaze's Great Company).

I painted his skin darker than usual to reflect the other tribes from Fenris ("The people of the southern isles are dark of skin and ill of temperment").

And I now have a painted Watch Master.

One of the few remaining marines from the Astral Knights (who were wiped out as a Chapter by the Necrons of the World Engine), he is now devoted to the Deathwatch for the rest of his life.

Now I'm starting on my 10-man Indomitor unit... and that should be all for the immediate future unless I'm still possessed to do more!

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