Monday 12 January 2015

Another two faceless henchmen completed...

A vaguely productive weekend was had. 

Friday night I spent painting and discussing hobby 'stuff' with John Tailby (venerable of the NZ 40k hobby scene, as well as occasional contributor at Fields of Blood), where I managed to get the basic eyes and skin done on six or so models. The evening was skewed in favour of discussion vs actual painting but any progress is good progress in my book.

Saturday morning I spent an hour or so with my son helping out with his new Citadel Hobby Starter Kit (Xmas present from ... Santa. Honest). He's ded keen on getting an Ork Fighta-bomma, but seemed a bit sad when he found out they weren't 'good guys' (in the seven year old sense of the term, as opposed to the more philosophical 'define good?' sense...). More work on skin for me as we pottered away together until he got bored/distracted by one of his sisters.

Sunday afternoon I popped round to Pete's place - to borrow some painting supplies for my two Realm of Battle boards that need finishing - as well as having a good look at Pete's Tablescapes boards and getting some tips on his approach, minus the "I got Jack to do it" parts (and I also picked up some leftover bits and pieces for more 40k terrain for which I am extremely grateful). Wow, the boards were amazing, even more so in the flesh. Loved the fact they are 1'x1' too, so much variation for layouts. Long term I may have to pick up a couple of sets if I can, after my Sector Imperialis table is done of course... (he added hastily).

Sunday evening I pumped out these two models off the back of my Friday night efforts. 

You can still see the ink drying on the second model... Both still need static grass and a varnish.

More models to come soon, although I must now start focussing on terrain. Perhaps that's February's focus.

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