Sunday 26 April 2015

Reorganising the space

It seems that organising your hobby space is de rigueur at the moment - in my household Joy has had plans on utilising our space better (for ages), and had a number of designs drawn up for our combined office/hobby area in the main lounge. Finally we have found something that is reasonable and functional for where we are at this point in life, and realised it.
Lots of natural light! And unnatural light for working at night...

Joy has thoughtfully designed it so that there are two of everything - two desks, two sets of drawers, two shelves (although only one display case... at the moment) so that when (or if) we move/get new furniture they can fit different sized spaces, or perhaps be passed on to the kids...

Left desk drawer has painting tray, right desk drawer has modelling tray.
In addition to the open drawers there's also three more with 'stuff' in them, as well as a few shelves at the back

As you can see there's loads of space for hobby stuff. Also, if locals are interested, there's my ex-hobby desk for sale on TradeMe here.

Got a view of Wellington harbour if I look up from what I am doing

It's nice to have a few bits of work in progress on display too. The paint set will probably migrate to where the desk lamp is currently.

Still a bit of organising and tidying to go but that's going to best be finalised as the space is used.

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