Monday 8 September 2014

Where can I fit a carnosaur in a Lizardmen list?

Sorry about the lack of activity over the last two weeks - real life intruded with a family member passing away.

So, obviously, there has been a lack of painting. So this post will be (hopefully) a discussion point where my spawn-kin, lizard buddies, or just generally those with more experience than me at The Warhammers of Fantasy can provide some insight.

Rather than take the potentially humourous and slightly painful path that the title of this post might imply or suggest, I am asking this question because I have, in the list schedule thing of stuff to paint, one of the new Carnosaur models. It's a nice model, and I would like to use it. And not just at the next 4000pt tournament.

My problem is that at what points value is it a good choice. Maybe not even a good choice, but a viable option?

The best list I can come up with (caveat: quickly and without much thought or analysis) at 2000pts is:

Old Blood on Carnosaur (why an Old Blood? Well, the extra wound, better magic allowance, WS, and AS is tempting at first pass...)
- Halberd, Light armour, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Protection, Other Trickster's Shard
- Loping Stride (carnosaur)

So I could save 60pts if I dropped to a Scar Vet, but I'd need to drop the Other Trickster's Shard too.

Tetto'eko (I don't like using special characters as a general rule, but...  but... there goes my argument)
Skink Priest - Dispel Scroll, Heavens
Scar Vet - BSB, Cold One, GW, Armour of Destiny (really wanted the Standard of Discipline here, but with no other Scar Vet heroes to take a challenge in the face once the champion has gone...)

12 Skink Cohort, 1 Krox, Standard, Muso
12 Skink Cohort, 1 Krox, Standard, Muso
12 Skink Cohort, Muso
10 Skirmishers, Javelin and Shield
10 Skirmishers, Javelin and Shield
10 Skirmishers, Javelin and Shield

3 Terradons, Fireleech Bolas
5 Chameleon Skinks
5 Chameleon Skinks
6 Cold One Riders, Full Command, Spears

1 Salamander


My thoughts, such as they may be, are:
Tetto, from experience, provides some mean magic offence. 
The scroll caddy... err.. second Priest provides another round of Iceshard Blizzard. This is important since my combat offence is woefully below average.
I really enjoyed using the Cold One cav at the NZTC earlier this year, I'd like to keep using them as an alternative to having to paint my Temple Guard sooner rather than later. I think also they are a bit more flexible (movement etc.)
I miss the second unit of Terradons

How would you feel about facing this list? Terrified? Amused? Suggest that I stop this nonsense and go back to fitting a Slann in?


  1. Always hard to fit in those big nice combat lords in the current era where in magic can make such a huge difference right throughout the game. Heavens is a good lore to go with 2 x lvl2's though, as the signature spell is so useful and lots of reasonable casting cost spells to roll with as the off hand.

    It's a different kind of Lizardmen... I have no idea how it would fare but allow you to play more aggressively rather than rolling for poison and double fleeing. I would say it's worth a shot!

    1. So you would suggest 2x L2 rather than Tetto + L1?

      One of the things I am mindful of is more pointy ears means more death to skinks. Is it worthwhile going back to the saurus blocks?

    2. I reckon Temple Guard are awesome!. What is the idea behind the small cohorts with the single Krox?

    3. Hi Sam, Krox give Ld7 and add nearly a rank with their 40mm base. Some hittiness vs small units/skirmishers too.

      I always thought TG are susceptible to the big 6 dice spells and not really mobile enough tbh

  2. Tetto is worth keeping for all his funky rules and loremaster, maybe think about making scroll caddy a level 2.

    I'd probably keep away from saurus or temple guard. Infantry really struggling at the moment with all the monsters and monstrous cav around.