Sunday 13 March 2022

Still progress!

Ok so I slowed a bit due to... ahhh... let's blame the kids not going to bed early enough. But here's the next 4 figures completed (including static grass! Also on the models I completed earlier!!).

I also finally found the (one of 3) notebooks that had my painting recipes for Deathwatch in it - well, some of them anyway - so that was a good find.

Kill Team Cassius Biker Jetek Suberei
Stupid amounts of detail. Glad the silly pigeon broke off too because that would have been a faff to transport.

Ultramarines Sergeant Donatus (or just regular dude)

A stealth specialist with a ... rocket attached to his back
Raptors Vanguard Veteran
Mr Carcharadon to you
The chaos raptor chainswords look a lot like sharks teeth ...

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