Sunday 5 June 2022

Deathwatch... halfway there (ish)

I'm about halfway through the army (model-wise) so a good opportunity to take a picture of where I'm at so far.

I've calculated the painted models coming to approximately 1500pts, which is great. 4x characters, 4x full Kill Teams...

Looks cool when you put them all down in one place

So that leaves to "finish":
  • 6x Heavy Intercessors
  • 3x Eradicators
  • 1x Inceptor
  • 2x Aggressors
  • 5x Terminators (plus some I think)
  • 4x Veteran Bikers
  • 13x Veterans
  • 5x Vanguard Veterans
  • 1x Primaris Chaplain on bike
  • 1x Chaplain
  • 1x Captain on bike
  • 1x Watch Master
  • 1x Captain in Terminator Armour 
  • 2x Librarians (don't ask)
  • 1x Venerable Dreadnought 
  • 1x Corvus Blackstar 
  • 2x Drop Pod
  • 1x Rhino
  • 1x Land Raider if I can finally figure out how it might work (modelling wise that is... I want something unique that leverages the Deathwatch's access to more esoteric 'stuff')
I also have in my box of unassembled Deathwatch:
Indomitus characters and 5x Assault Intercessors, 4 or so Sternguard, some Terminators, another Drop Pod and probably enough bits and pieces for another 4 DW marines. And probably some more characters (I need to build a Techmarine...).


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