Saturday 4 June 2022

Fortis Kill Team assemble... I mean, complete

So I've had a productive 24hrs despite finally testing positive for COVID-19. I have finished the 4 Primaris Outrider models and now that means my Fortis Kill Team is complete!

I used a few bits to make them more interesting including an Assault Intercessor arm, and some different helmets.

L -> R, front to back: Tigers Argent, Iron Snakes, Sons of Orar, Disciples of Caliban

In all their glory...


  1. Stay well man! I got bronchitis rather than Covid because I'm special. Very nice bikes. Why no decals on them tho?

    1. It's been very mild so far (thanks vaccines)... But more importantly what decals would you put on them though?
      They're a Kill Team not a Fast Attack choice.

    2. erm.. well the bikes themselves might be a fast attack choice. I mean they had to come from somewhere right? Maybe they borrowed them? Ok, ok I don't know.

    3. So maybe just a red stripe on the fairing to match the squad marking on the knee? I get that the sides are a bit... plain 😂

    4. No, no! that would require more painting! Done is done.

    5. Haha we'll see. I'll paint something else first 😜