Saturday 23 August 2014

Vlka... Fenryka?

Back in the day, I played a lot using my Space Wolf army. Pretty exclusively for nearly 3 editions of the game.

Here's a photo of the old Wolf Lord himself, Haakon Ironwolf

Ahhh.... good times.

Anyway - I've had a chance to read the intarwebz and the new codex now, and I think I am liking this one the most since the one before the one last (3rd Ed just in case I missed a version).

The thing I really like about the Wolves is their individuality. I am particularly attracted to the army personality  and yes they have been/are a powerful choice of army (the internet says so), and there are those people who take units/combos because they are effective (and you know, they should be listened to and then you take on board what works for you), but you know... I'm going to take what I want to take and figure it out myself. 

What I have got planned (because I like to have choice)
Wolf Lord on foot and on Thunderwolf
Wolf Guard Battle Leader on foot and on Thunderwolf
Njal in terminator armour
Njal/Rune Priest in power armour
Rune Priest in power armour
Wolf Priest in power armour (Ulrik, sorry not sure why you wouldn't take him...)
Iron Priest on foot and on Thunderwolf
6 Wolf Scouts incl WGBL
6 Wolf Scouts with sniper rifle
10 Wolf Guard in terminator armour
6 Wolf Guard bikes
2 Lone Wolves
10 Grey Hunters 
10 Grey Hunters
8 Grey Hunters
8 Grey Hunters
6 Grey Hunters
14 Blood Claws
10 Blood Claws
8 Blood Claws
2 Stormwolf (or Stormfang, there are pluses for each)
3 Long Fangs
LAnd Raider Crusader
4 Rhinos
2 Razorbacks
3 Drop Pods
12-18 Thunderwolves...
Some Fenrisian Wolves
... and I should do some Dreadnoughts. I still have 3 or 4 of the old lead ones...

Goodness that is a lot of models. Why do I do this to myself????

My intention is to paint them grey as opposed to the powder blue, using zenithal highlighting techniques. I'll also be taking my time as I want them all to look at bit... you know... feral. Like they are described in the HH novels. 

Am yet to do a test paint figure since they are so far down the painting list but I have been collecting and converting the odd figure over the years since I sold my SW armies...

I need to find someone that can make me some Ironwolf shoulder pad designs, plus I am going to need lots of the old Wolf Scout backpacks. Plus I am making up some olde skool Long Fang legs specially for this...

Maybe I'll have it done in time for the next codex! 


  1. If you are basing you descriptions on the HH novels there will be no shortage of leather fetish and BSDM outfits.

    1. Your jealousy knows no bounds. We can do leather and (rune and bone) fetishes and still be trans-humanly manly. And heroic. Unlike those EC or 'turning to' Slanneshi types.

  2. Replies
    1. But they are pants now R@t... Only worth taking snipers tbh, and even then the answer is probably 'more Wolf Guard on bikes'...