Tuesday 23 December 2014

All prepared for 2015(?)

I have finished basing the models in the previous post - here are some close ups.

Converted Ministorum Priest for the Astra Militarum (sorry for the blurry photo!)

Techpriest Enginseer for AM, Culexus for... anti-psyker shenanigans

Random henchman, cherub for either Book of Lucius or Liber Heresius

One of the original GW psykers, and the old Witch Hunter bound psyker

Last Chancers (thanks Carson!)

More random OOP models to be used as henchmen

Old models that were in need of some conversion attention

This will be an Ordo Xenos henchmen unit... Harlequin = DCA, eldar ghost warrior = arco flagellant, note the original OOP Adeptus Custodes... and the squat techpriest enginseer

Ordo Hereticus psykers

Bits and bobs

Eschers to be used as henchmen

More... Heavy Stubber makes a good storm bolter in-game (I have a second in the painting case)

More ccw/laspistol equivalent henchmen

And here are some Ordo Hereticus Crusaders. I'd made a mold of the GW shield and reinforced it with some plasticard

They'll do... :-)
All set for an undercoat in the New Year. I see more cans of GW chaos black undercoat in my future...

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