Sunday 7 December 2014

Masters 2014 40k - done and won!

Well the 2014 40k Master has been found. Congratulations to Dean Bradley, the 2014 champion.

It came down to a tiebreaker for 1st and 2nd too...

1st: Dean Bradley - 112 (92VP)
2nd: Josh Evans - 112 (83VP)
3rd: David Foster - 105 (76VP)
4th: Frank Redmond - 89 (55VP)
5th: Shaun Moloney - 87 (60VP)
6th: Tim Adams - 80 (47VP)
7th: Christian Pride - 72 (71VP)
8th: James Davison- 63 (49VP)

Thanks to everyone for making my life easy, i hope you all found it fun and the missions challenging. Thanks also to Ryan for helping out and also giving me a couple of games over the weekend as well...

Pictures will at some point be up on Fields of Blood, keep an eye out for them there.

Happy to take any feedback or comments, I'm always looking to make it interesting for participants.

I'll have some more thoughts on it later in the week.

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