Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas is coming...

... and some hobby time beckons. On top of quality family time of course!
Someone has too much money

Terrain-wise I have a Sector Imperialis board that needs painting... although I watched the 20 minute GW YouTube tutorial on painting it and thought 'OMG WTF LOL OMG SRSLY?...'... Inspiring and terrifying all at once. 

I also have two extra Realm of Battle boards that need to be painted up to match my others. I have visions of setting up a huge 14'x4' (or some combination of 8x RoB and 6x 40k boards) for a large game... can't wait.

I have some leftover Imperial Sector ruins to build (I'm a bit light on taller than one story at the moment...) plus wreckage etc. I definitely need to get some more terrain. No excuses (apart from financial ones)

I need to buy some mdf to chop up for building bases as well.

Model-wise I have a couple of metal Grey Knight Terminators that need bringing up to speed with some replacement arms (now that Justicars can't have psycannons, boo).

I have a small pile of Inquisition warband models sitting in Simple Green ready for the ultrasonic cleaner to do its thing. I did manage also to pick up some Last Chancers and other older metals (thanks Carson!) so I'm looking to get a few painted if not at least prepped and undercoated. Here's hoping that an update to the Inquisition Codex will allow henchmen to be armed with normal lasguns... rather than just hotshot ones. I mean, who would ever buy them?

I need to think about my NZTC list - specifically whether I take a magic or cavalry lizard list. Last year I took cavalry, but had Tetto'eko to comet people to bits. This year there's no special characters so maybe I'll have to default back to a Slann in order to get some serious magic. Or just toughen up... Time to find out what everyone else in the team is taking!

I'm going away for a couple of weeks to Christchurch visiting family (and house swapping) so am hoping to catch up with some olde wargaming comrades and fit in a visit to Comics Compulsion. Assuming we have room I'm hoping to also take my Lizardmen Temple Guard with me. They haven't seen any paint since last time I ... took them to Chch.

All in all I am looking forward to the break.


  1. It's great to see you embracing the Hobby with such gusto! Hopefully you can keep up the enthusiasm.

    1. Enthusiasm I have, in boundless amounts. It's the combination of time and money (in various percentage ratios) that's the issue... :-)