Saturday 13 December 2014

Masters 2014 - the TO's thoughts

I just thought I would share my views on the actual running of the Masters. 

What went well:
  • Everyone was really positive and appeared to enjoy themselves
  • Location was great
  • I had maybe one rules question to resolve each round, which is excellent.
  • Missions worked well, people seemed to be getting into the three-tier aspect of it
  • Once we got through the first round of scoring and everybody got their head around it, it went swimmingly.
  • I got two games in of my own (one 1500pt 40k, one 4000pt ...hey Ryan, where's the batrep??)

What didn't go so well: 
  • Players keeping to time, particularly those with lots of rules or models. This is the Masters though, so I was happy to extend time required (as long as both players were also happy to do that)
  • The combination of players win/loss ratio meaning that the last round the two bottom placed players had to play each other again - a curse of only having 8 people rather than the 10 originally planned for. This delayed the start of Round 6 by 15 minutes as we all worked through it together, so that wasn't to my plan. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Overall thoughts
I (really) appreciated Ryan Lister's support - it meant that there was someone to 
  • Talk to
  • Play a couple of games against
  • Provide umpiring backup for me and Pete if needed. 
Thanks to all the players (FoW, WHFB, and 40k) that turned up to make this event a success. 

I also want to thank Pete Dunn for organising/booking the event and hall, collating the players packs, providing tables and terrain, cat herding, and generally being the driving force behind the rankings and the 7 years of Masters events we have had.

So yes, overall I am really happy with the way it went over the weekend. I wish we had more players!

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  1. As a player, first I want to say thanks once again for running it.

    The missions were good but I think that they work best as Masters missions as opposed to normal tournament ones.Hopefully I can make it back next year as I had a tonne of fun at this years one